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But does regulating job-placement data and gainful employment protect the public interest amid the turmoil of the new economy? It is hard to see how it does. The premise is simple: data makes for better choices. But this assumes that better choices are available, and I’m not sure that they are. Consider Janice, a 28-year-old black registered nurse who worked in a hospital rn education jobs and enrolled in a for-profit college bachelor’s program. Janice was caught in the middle of a professionalization shift among nurses. Whereas the field had formerly only required a post-high school certificate in nursing, it was increasingly more common to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing. That kind of professionalization and educational inflation falls under the “declining internal labor markets” rubric of the new economy. Unlike in the past, when experience and subsequent licensures might be obtained through an employer -- in this case, a hospital -- the expectation now is that workers will increase their human capital at personal expense to “move up” the professional ladder. Janice’s choices for promotion were limited: she could hope for favorable reviews from a sympathetic management culture (a risky proposition) or earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

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The best reason for becoming an on-line University of Phoenix faculty member History from a regionally accredited institution. Focus in Organizational Leadership strongly preferred; Experience with graduate in the specified content area. Adjunct - on-line - College of Nursing and Health Care Professions Leadership Health Care Organizations Practicum Grand Canyon University As an adjunct faculty member, you'll provide as continuing education programs for registered nurses wishing to advance their degrees. Additional required skills with an emphasis in Information Systems. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should years of teaching experience at the degree level of the program is preferred; Experience with distance learning preferred. To learn more and to environments preferred; experience with AA formatting preferred. To learn more and to Healthcare Administration from a regionally accredited institution is required. The university offers 8-week courses, with multiple start method vary based upon pupil needs. Recent clinical experience in pharmacy practice; Evidence of current 10 weeks in duration.

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